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A New Generation

of Social Marketing

We want to make collaborations meaningful again.

Ambr is for brands who want to generate real love because they know their offering deserves it. Ambr is for the up and coming Ambassador that cares for the products they use.


Building on community spirit, the need for efficiency in a modern age, and the love generated by loyal brand advocates, Ambr is for the new generation of social marketing that is taking it back to the genuine offering.

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Our mission is to connect brands with their passionate fans.

With Ambr, genuine fans are easier to find; product promotions are easier to run; market reach is easier to achieve; ongoing dialogue is easy to manage and, most importantly, results are easily visualised.


Passionate fans provide authentic, trustworthy product marketing that is based on genuine brand love and enthusiasm. Ambr allows brands to find their communities of fans, invite them to become Ambassadors and engage them in campaigns, product feedback, collaborations & more.


Easily search through your community of Ambassadors, refining your search with multiple filters such as gender, location, interests, engagement rate & followers. Build shortlists according to your criteria and bulk email / SMS to invite your Ambassadors to campaigns.


Offer gifting incentives, discounts & exclusive opportunities to give back to your community of Ambassadors. Ambr's bespoke campaign building tool allows you to customise all aspects of a campaign, integrate with Shopify® to facilitate product orders and send automatic follow ups to ensure your campaigns run smoothly.


Ambr makes analysing campaign performance simple. Track new campaign sign ups, easily see when products were shipped and view new social media posts about your brand in real time. Allow Ambassadors to upload high res images & videos to your Content Library and send
automatic follow ups & reminders about campaign deliverables.

Simple and efficient.

The Ambr platform has multiple features to enable you to connect & collaborate with your community of fans. It's also easy to use, and makes the process of running multiple Ambassador campaigns a breeze.

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