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For Ambassadors

It feels good to be rewarded for genuine brand love.

You care about the content you create, the brands you support and the products you shout about. You’ve dedicated time and effort to growing your audience. We’re not interested in the one-off, forced collaborations; you and your followers want authenticity — and that’s what Ambr is here to facilitate.

Why Ambr?


Get Recognised

You’re passionate about the products you love, and you’re working hard to build an audience based on trust. We think you should be recognised for that.


As an Ambr Ambassador, brands will recognise you for your authenticity over your followers and likes. Through Ambr, you’ll be able to connect with your favourite brands (including the independents and the startups!) and become part of their trusted community.


We believe in the power of loyal brand advocates, and we’re leading the charge to encourage brands to believe in it too.


Get Rewarded

You’re showing love to your favourite brands on social media and you deserve to be rewarded for it.

As an Ambr Ambassador, you’ll be given the chance to access exclusive opportunities and be part of a trusted brand community. Receive gifts, access discounts, attend events, try new products before they’re launched and give your honest feedback.


This is your chance to make a real difference, and be rewarded by your favourite brands while doing so.

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Get Reconnected

Once you’re signed up with Ambr, you’ll be visible to many other brands on our platform, and will be able to receive campaign invites from other brands that fit your interests. Accept or decline depending on your preferences, and only collaborate with brands you truly believe in.


Ambr doesn't believe in one-off, disingenuous brand collaborations. Once you’re part of a campaign, you’ll become a trusted member of a brand's community, and that means access to ongoing partnerships, exclusive opportunities and having a voice that matters.

Register your interest below

Ambr is currently open to new Ambassadors on an invite-only basis, but you can register your interest using the form below and we'll be in touch as soon as there's a campaign that fits your interests.

Please select your campaign categories of interest

Thanks for registering your interest with Ambr.

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